Addis Ababa, Langano, Wendo Genet, Arbaminch, Konso, Murule, Tsemay(11 days/ 10 nights)

Omo Ethnological Tour (11 days /10 nights)

Day 1   Drive from Addis Ababa to Lake Langano overlooking most of the beautiful

Rift Valley scenery and Lakes like Ziway, Abyatta, Shalla. Overnight at

Savanna or Bishangari Lodges at the beach of Langano.

Day 2   Drive from Lake Langano via Shashemene to Arbaminch, en route visit the

village of Dorze. Overnight at Paradise Lodge.

Day 3   Drive from Arba Minch to Jinka. En route short stops between Weyto river

and Jinka to visit tribes like Tsemay, Bena and Ari. Overnight at Goh or

Orit hotel.

Day 4   Drive from Jinka to Mago National Park over a difficult road and cross the

Neri river and reach at a Mursi village near the Omo river. Overnight

camping in tent.

Day 5   Proceed to drive deep to the southern direction to Murule, en route

visit some of Karo villages of Dus and Korcho. The Karo are mainly known

for their special hair styles and body painting. Overnight camping in tents

in Murule.

Day 6   Drive through the savanna land of Murule to Tirmi and visit some of the

villages of Hammer tribes to discover their unique lifestyles and culture.

Overnight camping in tents in Turmi along the Keske river.

Day 7   Full day explore and visit the Hammer villages near Turmi.

Day 8   Drive from Turmi via Erbore to Konso and visit the interesting tribe of

Konso village with their terraced fields. Overnight at Saint Marry Hotel.  

Day 9   Drive to Arba Minch and make short Boat trips on Lake Chamo to see

Hippos, Crocodiles and some birds of Pelican species. P.M. Visit the Nech

Sar National Park. Overnight at Bekele Molla Hotel.

Day 10  Drive from Arba Minch to Lake Hawassa. P.M. Visit Lake Hawassa including

the town. Overnight at Wabishebele Hotel.

Day 11 A.M. Visit Amora Gedel, the unique fishing market of the Lake. P.M. Drive

back to Addis Ababa Passing through the chain of Lakes of Shalla, Abyatta,

Langano and Ziway.


*Airports, Accommodation and Food.

  • Tourists arrive at Bole Int’l Airport by any flight including the Ethiopian. There are 24 airport destinations in the country where the tourists can freely use them.
  • At Langanno there are Bishan Gari and Savanna Lodges; in Hawassa there are South Star and Wabishebelle hotels and  Haile Resort; at Arbaminch there is Paradise Lodge; at Jinka there are Goh and Orit hotels and Jinka Resort; at Konso there is Kanta Lodge;
  • With regard to food provision, there are available food prepared by the well qualified and experienced chiefs, sometimes able enough to prepare food on request asap.

Addis Ababa, Sodere, Langano, Wendo Genet, Hawassa (6 days & 5 nights)

Day 1  Drive from Addis to Adama and thereby to Sodere. Take a swimming venture in the hot springs of this magnificent

tourist attraction resort. Eat fresh lunch at the periphery of the Swimming pool. P.M. visit the surrounding area where

the Awash river passes by. At dusk drive to Adama for overnight.

Day 2  Drive from Adama to Mojjo and to Zeway passing the lakes of Koka and Zeway and reach Lake Langano. At this lake, you

can have boat drive and swimming based o your choice with the convenience of the climate around. Overnight at the

resort there or in a tent based on your choice.

Day 3  Drive to Wendo Genet and pass the day there with the hot springs. You can either wash from the natural hot water that

comes from the hills or you may wish to swim. You are to take food from Shashemene because you may not get food at

Wendo Genet if you have not had other arrangements. In the afternoon, dive to Hawassa Overnight there.

Day 4  You are to pass this day sight seeing the areas of Amora Gedel, where the kids and youngsters are offering their fish to

the tourists. Some gurezza, the attractive and domesticated ape will be around you, probably wishing to take some

bread from your hand and sometimes hanging on your shoulder so as to comfort and show friendliness. You will be

enjoying nature and take memories that you won’t forget in your life. Overnight will be in the beautiful city’s hotels and


Day 5  Drive from Hawassa to Addis and on the way pass through Shalla and Abayya lakes to view and see the interesting

scenery of birds and natural habitat. Overnight in Addis but during the evening, you will pass it at the best restaurant of

your choice where you will enjoy Ethiopian cultural dances.

Day 6  Fly home.


Gonder & Lalibela (5 days & 4 nights)

Day 1   Fly to Gonder. P.M. Visit of castles and the Debre Berhan Selassie church.

Day 2   Full day excursion to the Semien Mountains.

Day 3   Fly from Gonder to Lalibela. P.M. Visit of the 1st group of churches.

Day 4   A.M. Optional mule rides. P.M. Visit of the 2nd group of churches.

Day 5   From from Lalibela to Addis Ababa.

Lalibela (3 days/ 2 nights)

Day 1   Fly from Addis Ababa to Lalibela. P.M. Visit of the 1st group of churches.

Day 2   A.M. Optional mule rides. Visit of 2nd group of churches.

Day 3   Fly from Lalibela to Addis Ababa.

Bahir Dar (3 days/ 2 nights)

Day 1   Fly from Addis Ababa to Bahir Dar. Boat trip of Lake Tana.

Day 2   A.M. Visit of the Blue Nile Falls. P.M. City tour of Bahir Dar.

Day 3   Fly from Bahir Dar to Addis Ababa.

Lalibela & Axum (4 days / 3 nights)

Day 1   From Addis Ababa to Lalibela. P.M. Visit of the 1st group of churches.

Day 2   A.M. Optional mule rides. P.M. Visit of the 2nd group of churches.

Day 3   Fly from Lalibela to Axum. P.M. City tour of Axum.

Day 4   Fly Axum to Addis Ababa.

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